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Yes! I want to weave a tapestry of love

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The impact of our tapestry of love

Each unhoused neighbor is a strand in the greater tapestry of our community. For what ever reason, they have fallen out of relationship with their own families and support circles. When we enter into relationship with our neighbors, the quest becomes restoring their value, embracing their unique texture and stitching them back into their rightful place among all God’s people.

As the continuum of compassion Micah has become, each of our ministries has its own ability to accompany neighbors through their ups and downs, their weaving back into community. Over and under, over and under, we go with them as they visit the Hospitality Center, seek shelter in the winter, connect with resources, recover in our Respite house,get keys to a new apartment, increase their income, identify their gifts and find ways to deploy their use. The vibrant strands of this community, past and present, have informed us, shaped us and revealed to us what it means to be the kingdom here in Fredericksburg as it is in heaven.

The ways our neighbors’ lives have woven together with those they have encountered through our ministries have no doubt prepared us all for God’s latest vision--Jeremiah Community--where a flourishing life and a home will someday be possible for our neighbors.Thank you for allowing God to use your hands, feet and treasures to prepare a tapestry of love with the least important among us.

Here are some ways you can weave your own gifts into the "tapestry of love we are weaving together

$15 provides a night of winter shelter for one person

$25 buys a tent or sleeping bag

$55 keeps a vulnerable neighbor in hotel-shelter for a night

$100 buys a night of post-hospital respite care for an unhoused neighbor

$200 covers the burial of a neighbor who goes unclaimed

$350 supports a day of basic needs for neighbors living on the street

$700 Pays for a room at Hesed House (motel shelter) for a month.

$900 keeps a neighbor in housing for a month

$1500 bridges a neighbor to employment

$5,000 per month builds a house in the life-sharing community being built for our neighbors