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Yes! I will Love My Neighbor

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$144,964 raised

$200,000 goal

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The impact of "Loving your Neighbor"

Fredericksburg's downtown churches began their journey toward the vision for Micah Ecumenical Ministries almost 18 years ago. We've now been at this as many years as there are miles to the treacherous Jericho Road of the Good Samaritan story. Along the way, encounters with our neighbors' suffering have taught us much about the home God envisions for humanity, and how we are called to take part.

Be it 18 miles on the Jericho Road or 18 years of ministry with unhoused neighbors, we have 18 reasons to thank you, our travel companions, for making the journey possible. The path ahead looks promising, and it is better with you by our side. Keep your boots dusty! And consider the ways your love of neighbor might accompany us in the coming year.

Here are some ways you can make a difference:

$15 provides a night of winter shelter for one person

$25 buys a tent or sleeping bag

$55 keeps a vulnerable neighbor in hotel-shelter for a night

$100 buys a night of post-hospital respite care for an unhoused neighbor

$200 covers the burial of a neighbor who goes unclaimed

$350 supports a day of basic needs for neighbors living on the street

$900 keeps a neighbor in housing for a month

$1500 bridges a neighbor to employment

$5,000 per month builds a house in the life-sharing community being built for our neighbors